• Choose either RFID readers or Barcode scanners
  • Customizable to support other devices such us Finger Printing and Signature Pads
  • Desktop and Client-Server Editions
  • Web-based and On-Demand Applications
  • Mobile Tablets
  • Improve Attendee Retention
  • Increase Event Attendance
  • Reward your most loyal customers
  • Enterprise-grade Desktop and Web Tracking Software Applications
  • On Demand (SaaS) starts at $69 per month!
  • The MOST AFFORDABLE solution in the market!
  • Quality, clarity, attention to detail, ease-of-use, and usefulness are all at the core of everything we do. We put these attributes into building software that makes it easier for you to run your business BETTER.
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News and Updates

Event-Attendance Pro Gets New Hosted, Subscription Model

Event-Attendance Pro is now available in a new subscription-based, hosted offering called i-Attend. This new service provides all the great features of the leading event attendance software ‘Event-Attendance Pro’ less the hassles of installation and support.


Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol Club (CJRPC) selected Event-Attendance Pro as their software of choice for Tracking Attendance at their club

“With Event-Attendance Pro in place, club officials are now able to track attendance accurately. What was a cumbersome and inefficient method is now an automated and verifiable process,” said Thomas Massano, who is the project owner at CJRPC.


Web-based Event Attendance Software for MillerCoors

Taking an innovative approach to attendance tracking software, DotEnablers developed a web-based application for MillerCoors using the latest RFID technology.


The Better Way to Track Attendance at Events, Classes, Meetings, Workshops, Seminars or Conferences!

Need a way to track attendance at your convention, conference, workshop, show, seminar, or other event?

Our solution combines the proven technology of RFID and Barcode, and robust, scallable desktop or web-based application to track attendance at events, seminars, conferences or meetings of any size. This solution was designed from the ground up to improve efficiency, provide real-time reporting, and reduce errors for your attendance tracking needs.

No more pen and paper sign-in sheets with unreadable names!

The old method of tracking attendance - signing an attendance sheet - was slow and expensive - requiring intensive data entry from unreadable name. There was also poor security and often times error-prone - a person to "sign in" for another person, or you skipped a name because it was unreadable.

We need a better system of attendance tracking. We need to leverage our Badge IDs as authentication mechanisms to improve security. We need a real-time automated application.

Document Attendance to Meet School or Business Requirements!

Does your school or company require you to track attendance in classes, meetings or events? With real-time information and reports, our attendance software has all the features to support your needs. Simply create a meeting or an event and have your employees use their badge to check-in.

Record Attendance for CE, CEU, CME, CLE or CPE!

Whether you require RFID or barcode tracker technology for your CE, CME, CLE, CPE or CEU Sessions Attendance Tracking requirements, you can count on Event-Attendance Pro to deliver.